lanners and sraining

About training of dogs.

Dog training is not popular in Japan yet. So we usually hear about badly behaving dog. I could say almost all Japanese dogs are not trained. Nowadays, some people have trained their dogs or put them into dog school. W e have just begun to train our dog.

There are many kinds of training, for example, from drug searching to just "sit".

Anyhow, it's important to know how to live together with your dog.

One example, my Hana has to stay for 14 hours all by herself at home the very next day after she came to my place. When I got home, she was very excited. Sometimes it became over action and trouble. After 30 minutes she started attacking me. She bit me with puppy teeth. Both my hands were scratched by her puppy teeth.


I got tired everyday with powerfull puppy.


She didn't know how to control her emotion. I read many books on "how to train dogs".

Some parts looked like Hana, some parts didn't look like Hana. I started to train her at 3 months old. First I taught her to "sit" and "wait". She learned both these commands in 2 lessons. She learnt that the word that I said, had meaning. After that she concentrated on my words. If she got excited, I would say "wait" to her. She stopped and watched me. She can control her emotions by herself now.

After that, I used a ball which is her favorite toy. She really loves to play throw ball and bring back. So, if she gets too excited, I stop throwing the ball. If she does good things I praise her by throwing the ball.

I taught her meny things with the ball.

I believe new experiences are really important for them. I took Hana to everywhere I could. Now, she knows how to do it, if she get into trouble. She is growing up with experience.

This is Hana's best friend, Nana. She is a Beagle. She barks a lot. My parents used an electronic collar on her. This collar has both good and bad reasons for its use. They used this only once. She had a shock on her neck. After that she knew if she barked late at night, they would put that collar on her. I think this is her experience. If my parents need to put this collar on again or more, we have to change the tool or the way of training, because it doesn't fit her now.

I'm going to go to dog school with Hana. We will learn more together.