Happy Christmas everyone.



She is Hana's Cousin in Osaka.

She is just copyed Hana and thier grand mother Hime.


Hana's boyfriend Bred.

His hair is RED. Sometime it looks purple under the sun..



My name is Mio.

I found her on the river side.

She died June 20th.

Hana just didn't know how to touch her. She was so small.

I was sure they become a good friend.


Hana's Grand Mother

Her name is Hime. It means princess. She is 8 years old, right now. She is Hana's mother, Candy's mother.

Hana's breeder always said "Hime is just like Hana". So I asked her to see Hime.

When I saw Hime, I just surpeised at her. Beacuse she is not only copy. She "is" Hana. I

Hime's hair is, as same as Hana, perfect Black. Top coat hair and under coat are both deep black. Now, we have many pale color Mals around here though, I'm sure she will have dark and many color's puppy in future.


Alaskan Malamute is not popular dog in Japan. I could say unfamous dog.

People always think Hana "Big size Huskey"

.She has different eyes from huskeys.


She is one year old in this Jan. She is over 40 kg. but she still has gesture like puppy.