We traveled Hokkaido in Japan in 1999.

Today's best shot Hana in Hokkaido (10/20)

Hana played with snow.

She loves snow. But we don't have any snow in our home town. 



Which is Hana?? No Hana is there...



We climed this "Oakan" mountain the other day.




I decided to buy back pack for Hana. If she could bring her own water and her snack, I am really happy.



She is in "Onneto" lake.




Here in Hokkaido winter already has come.



She just going crazy when she is with snow.

I promis you I will move another place where has snow.     


Today's best shot Hana in Hokkaido (10/10)

We met another mals in Hokkaido.

They are looking so happy, but in fact it was so denger.  

left to right Yuki, Bisko, Kuru and Rikimaru.


Hana in "Akan" lake.

Today's best shot Hana in Hokkaido (10/08)

Hana in Northest cape Soya in Japan.


We spend a day lake Kuccharo.


Morning view in Kushiro.


Statue of sled dog

We have another statue sled dog Taro & Jiro in our home town Nagoya, too.


Soya hill.

If you have chance to go, please visit here. It's so hard explain with photo.

Big time "WAIT".


Mt. Rausu.


Today's best shot Hana in Hokkaido (10/05)

Hana said "YOUR VANGO IS tight for me"


We have chance to see rainbow in Oshamannbe.

We visited water fall.

She plays with tree or plays to ran around. It seems like gone forever.

Hokkaido is much cooler than Nagoya. She is so happy with cool air.

Hana found out strange dog in statue.